Earn Money

You can Earn 1$ For Each Customer That You Bring To This Website.

If That Customer Buy Something That You will Get 1$ Only Once For Each Customer .


Create Account on above link and get your Referral Link.


Tell Your Referral to Write Your Unique Id in the Referral Field When that Create Their Account on the Link Below.



Money is Given as a Reward for Inviting Paid Customer to my Website.

  • Invite Someone to my website.
  • If Someone you invite buy something you will instantly Receive “1$.
  • You will Receive Reward only once for Each customer.
  • There is no Limit to number of customer you can invite to my website.


Title Description
Paid Customer Only Reward Will be Given Based on number of paid customer invited.
( NOTE: If a user you invite did not buy anything from my website you will not be rewarded.)
Reward 1$ is Rewarded Once Only For Each Paid Customer
Limit No Time Limit
No Referral Limit

Example :

Number Of Paid Customer USD Rewarded
1 1$
10 10$
50 50$
100 100$

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